Complementary healing, chakra-puncture, and massage therapy with Johanne Brown 

Re-connect to your body and your inner-most essence. 

Healing & Massage in Nedlands

Johanne provides a range of healing therapies that support you to make healing an everyday part of life.

Re-establishing our foundations in a deep state of surrender and settlement in the body becomes the foundation we can then take into our everyday.

A chance to completely stop and be with yourself, the sessions support you to re-connect with a way of being that is natural to us, but is often affected by our reactions to the stressors of life, work and our relationships with others.

"The body never punishes us, it gives back what we have put in."  

~ Serge Benhayon

“Johanne is a master at helping me to connect more with my body and rebuild a sense of balance and strength. Her approach while, gentle, is very powerful and the various modalities complement each other beautifully. I would recommend Johanne for anyone looking to better understand how to reduce the tensions that we can sometime get caught in and store in the body and to bring more grace to their day”

JL / YOKINE / 49